foundational planning

We compliment your municipal management team by providing
expertise and direction in those areas your team needs help

Welcome to AERRIS Consulting

The municipal world is changing and municipal management must change with it. Despite having limited resources, time and capacity, Administrators are required to do more, with less. As multi-million dollar corporations, most municipalities are struggling to keep up with the day-to-day operations, let alone devising new practices to create efficiencies.

Every organization gets stuck. Every current practice started off making sense. The "old way" had value but maybe it just needs to be updated or completely overhauled. What worked in the past is still useful; AERRIS builds on your foundation and offers practical, straightforward solutions that integrate into your existing structure.

AERRIS is the compliment to your management team by providing the expertise and focus that helps get the important jobs done that no one has time for. Specifically focusing on the foundational planning that takes your organization from good to great! Read more

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